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General ROTC Life

Drill Competition


Each semester, the three platoons which make up the NROTC Battalion compete in a close order drill competition. They are graded by the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor and his hand-selected graders. Each platoon is graded according to their precision, accuracy and coordination. Additionally, each of the three Platoon Sergeants are graded individually.



Inspections are a regular occurrence in the Navy and Marine Corps. For this reason, the NROTC Battalion undergoes several inspections each semester. Midshipmen, Officer Candidates and Marines are inspected in the areas of appearance, military bearing and knowledge.

Navy/Marine Corps Ball

Navy Ball

Every year, the Navy and Marine Corps celebrate their birthdays. The NROTC Battalion holds the Navy & Marine Corps Ball at various locations in Tucson. The Ball is held each year between 13OCT and 10NOV, to commemorate the brithdays of both branches. This formal evening consists of dining, a speech given by a distinguished guest, and the traditional cake-cutting ceremony. Dancing and a social hour follow.

Platoon Competition


Throughout each semester all three platoons compete in the PRT/PFT, inventory and final scores, drill, inspections, and attendance to determine the honor platoon.

Physical Training (PT)

Navy members of the NROTC Battalion are required to perform PT through the semester as a unit. Additionally, they complete the semi-annual Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) while Marines and Marine-Option Midshipmen are required to perform the Marine Corps' Physical Fitness Test (PFT). The PFA consists of sit-ups, push-ups, and a 1.5 mile run. The PFT includes sit-ups, pull ups for males, a flexed arm hang for females, and a three mile run.

Link: Navy PRT Standards New

Link: OPNAVINST 6110.1J
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Summer Cruises

Every summer, all scholarship and/or first-class midshipmen embark summer cruises. All third-class scholarship midshipmen embark on CORTRAMID, a four-week orientation to various parts of the fleet. Each week is dedicated to one of four fields: Aviation Warfare, Marine Corps, Surface Warfare, and Submarine Warfare.

Second-class Navy-option midshipmen embark on a cruise fully integrated within the enlisted crew of a surface warship. Second-class Marine-options can choose to attend Mountain Warfare School, Combined Armed Exercises, as well as other Marine Corps-oriented choices.

First-class Navy-option midshipmen can embark on a surface ship, submarine, or aviation squadron integrated with the officers of the command. All first-class Marine-option midshipmen attend Officer Candidate School.

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