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Vector Calc the Math Department offers free tutoring every day of the school week with the instructors who are currently teaching Calc 2 and vector calc from 1100 - 1600 in Math East 145.

For Physics:
The College of Engineering again offers a study session for Physics 141 on Thursdays from 1700 - 1830, in Room 214 every week.

In addition the Physics Department has a free walk-in tutoring room for any physics questions in PAS 372 Monday through Friday, from 0900 - 1700 in the Physics and Atmospheric Sciences Building (similar to the Math Department's set up).

Tutoring for Upper Division Math courses are available in Room 220 and is open from 8-5, Monday through Friday.

The ThinkTank offers tutoring hours for multiple classes, including Calculus I and II, Physics and Chemistry. To find out more, visit their website at

Unit Tutoring Hours:
The unit also provides tutoring hours through the Think Tank for Math and Physics.

Monday 1500-1600 at the Park Student Union Think Tank for Physics tutoring up to PHYS 141 and Math tutoring up to MATH 223

Wednesday 1800-2000 at Bear Down Gym, Room 152 for Math tutoring up to MATH 223


Upcoming Football Shifts:
SEP 10 (VS. Grambling St.) 1245-1945
SEP 17 (VS. Hawaii) 1245-1945
OCT 15 (VS. Utah) TBD
OCT 29 (VS. Stanford) TBD
NOV 12 (VS. Colorado) TBD
NOV 25 (VS. Arizona St.) 1230-1930

How to swap a parking shift:

  1. Send the person taking your shift the following statement in an email: I, (original shift worker), am having (new shift worker) work my (football or basketball) shift on (DDMMMYY) at (time or TBD).
  2. Tell the person covering you to simply forward me this email.

Please contact MIDN Cohen or MIDN Heydt, C if there are any questions.


Please check the Battalion Calendar under Links for upcoming events. You can find the link to it below.

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