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Marine Option

Amphibious landing
Eagle, Globe, and Anchor
Amphibious landing

The Marine Corps has been an integral part of the Naval Service for more than 230 years and is renowned world-over for its leadership, determination, and loyalty. From its inception on November 10, 1775 at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia to the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan, Marines have earned their reputation as the most effective fighting force in the world operating in the air, on land, and sea. The standards are high; self-discipline and initiative are key factors for success in the Marine Corps. Physical Fitness is essential in making a Marine Officer and it is a rigorous and mentally challenging passage. Each prospective Marine Officer must attend and successfully complete Officer Candidate School (OCS) and earn a degree in order to become a Marine Second Lieutenant.

As a Marine Option NROTC scholarship student, you will attend training each summer:

  • Between freshman and sophomore year, Marine Options attend Career Orientation Training for Midshipmen (CORTRAMID) East (VA) or West (CA).
  • Between sophomore and junior year, Marine Options attend Mountain Warfare Training Center (MWTC) in Bridgeport, CA.
  • Between junior and senior year, Marine Options attend and must successfully complete Officer Candidate School in Quantico, VA. This is required for commissioning and cannot be waived.
  • NROTC students commissioned as Second Lieutenants will report to The Basic School in Quantico, VA for training and will compete for a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

These MOS options include:

0180, Adjutant 0203, Ground Intelligence Officer 0204, Human Source Intelligence Officer
0206, Signal Intel Ground Elec Warfare Off 0207, Air Intelligence Officer 0302, Infantry Officer
0402, Logistics Officer 0602, Command and Control Systems Officer 0802, Field Artillery Officer
1302, Combat Engineer Officer 1802, Tank Officer 1803, AAV Officer
3002, Ground Supply Officer 3404, Comptroller 4302, Public Affairs Officer
4402, Judge Advocate 5803, Military Police Officer 6002, Aircraft Maintenance Officer
6602, Aviation Supply Officer 7204, Low Altitude Air Defense Officer 7208, Air Support Officer
7210, Air Defense Control Officer 7220, Air Traffic Control Officer 7580, Naval Flight Officer
7599, Pilot

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