NROTC The University of Arizona

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Semester Interview Forms

Budget Worksheet
Four Year Plan EXCEL Calculates GPA's
Four Year Plan PDF Updated
Academic Term Performance Evaluation
24-Hour Schedule
Midterm Grade Sheet

Counseling Forms

Counseling Form
Report of Conduct
Report Sheet
Program Requirements
Bn Training Record
Evaluation Manual
Evaluation Form 2016
Evaluator Instructions
NROTC Student Performance and Counciling Record

Tracking Forms

Study Efficiency Log
SEP Presentation
Study Efficiency Watch Log
University of Arizona NROTC Tutoring Log
1/C PQS Form NEW
2/C and 3/C PQS Form NEW

Instructions and Manuals

Appropriate Civilian Attire (ACA) Regulations
Honor Code
Regulations for Officer Development
EMI Policy
LREC and TIER Majors
Uniforms and Occassions of Wear
Bulldog Manual
TBS Info
Midshipman of the Month Instructions
Evaluation Instruction PPT
JOOD Watch Instruction
Duty Platoon Policy
Student Conduct System Instruction
Awards Instruction
NROTC 4/C Handbook NEW

BN Member Forms

Letter of Appreciation/Commendation Form
Midshipman of the Month Nomination Form
Midshipman of the Month Nomination Package Title Page
Midshipman of the Month Evaluation Form
Recall Card
Colors Watch Bill
Memorandum (blank)
Brag Sheet

Summer Training Information

Summer Training Manual (Updated 2012)
Cruise Uniform Requirements
Summer-Winter Benefits 1533.2C


Approved Academics Courses
NS Classes by Semester
Arizona State Vehicle Exemption
Extended Benefits Request Chit
Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionaire (PARFQ)
Inspection Knowledge (Smart Pack)
Request for Leave of Absence
United States Navy Tattoo Screening Certificate
NAVPERS 1336/3
Liberty Boundaries

Important Files

Light Duty Chit
Annual Certificate of Physical Condition
Four Year Scholarship Service Contract

ASTB Preparation

ASTB Personal Study Guide
ASTB Study Supplement
ASTB Practice Test (pg. 310-384)
ASTB Gouge
ASTB Mechanical
Aviation Study Guide

Uniform Regulations

SORM Chapter 11
MCO P1020.34
Navy Personnel Instruction 15561