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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my scholarship cover at The University of Arizona?
    Tuition, tuition related fees (ie lab fees), $375.00/semester for books, and a monthly stipend of $250.00 (increases by $50.00/month each academic year).

Does my scholarship pay room and board?

Do I have to live in any specific dorm?
    No. However, you have the option to live in the ROTC themed wing of Cochise Hall.

Link: Themed Wing in Cochise Hall

I received a separate academic scholarship that already pays my tuition. Can I use my NROTC scholarship to pay room and board?
    No. However, you can request through the granting institution for your non-NROTC scholarship to put it towards room and board. That is entirely between you and the granting agency.

I received a NROTC scholarship, but was placed at a school other than Arizona. How do I transfer my scholarship?
    Contact NSTC via email: and request to change your scholarship. Ensure that you include a copy of your letter of acceptance, and also indicate wither you are an Arizona resident or not.

Do I have to have a car on campus?
    No. However, if you choose to bring a car, parking can be tough. Ensure that you make plans to purchase a parking pass.

I applied for, and was granted a Navy Option scholarship. Can I transfer to the Marine Corps (or visa versa)?
    Yes. There is a possibility to transfer options during your time in the program. Discuss on an individual basis with either the Recruiting Officer, or the Marine Officer Instructor (MOI).

Can I also take classes at Pima Community College?
    Some classes can be taken at PCC, but they vary based on your program. It is best to seek the advice of your counselor before enrolling in any classes at PCC to ensure they meet your NROTC degree requirements. In addition, tuition is paid via reimbursement vice directly to your bursar’s account. In other words, you must pay up front, and then you will be reimbursed after you successfully pass the course.

I’m a MECEP or STA-21 student. Do I still have to participate in the battalion's activities?
    Yes, the experience you bring to the command is essential to developing other Midshipmen.

How many days a week do I have Naval Science?
    Navy Option/STA-21: Monday - Physical Training 0600 – 0700. Wednesday – Naval Science Laboratory 0600 – 0745. Marine Option/MECEP: In addition to MON/WED, Marine Options and MECEPs also have Physical Training Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Classroom training for Pre-OCS Fridays during the Spring Semesters.

How many credits do I need to register for?
    Midshipmen: 12 Units minimum EXCLUDING Naval Science. Active Duty: 15 Units minimum INCLUDING Naval Science.

What if I decide the program is not right for me?
    Any MIDN can Drop on Request (DOR) throughout the program. If the MIDN drops prior to the first day of classes of their Sophomore year, they must simply return their uniforms and complete a check out process. If they drop after the first day of classes of their Sophomore year, they must repay the government for all tuition benefits received through financial recoupment or active duty enlisted service.

Do I have to purchase my NROTC uniforms?
    No, you will be issued NROTC uniforms during orientation.

Is there a separate Orientation for NROTC and the University of Arizona?
    Yes, and students must complete both. Bear in mind that the University orientation will need to be completed BEFORE you can register for you first semester of classes. Thus, make orientation a priority so classes don't fill up before you get to register.

I applied for a scholarship, but I was not selected. Can I still participate?
    Yes, you can apply for the college program by contacting the recruiting officer.

Is orientation like boot camp?
    No. Orientation is not intended to be as rigorous as boot camp. It is aimed at preparing you for your time as a Midshipman, Officer Candidate, or MECEP.

Will I get my head shaved (males), or forced to cut my hair (females) during arrival?
    No, however, you will be expected to maintain yourself within proper grooming standards at all times.

Can I participate in other extra-curricular activities than NROTC while on scholarship?

Does my NROTC scholarship provide medical insurance?

Where is the ROTC building and how do I get there?
    Locations for all campus buildings including South Hall can be viewed on UA's interactive map. Parking can be found either on the road south of the building (metered slots) or you may also want to use Tyndall Garage which is a short walk away.