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Ways To Earn A Commission

National (4yr) Navy ROTC Scholarship

  • Full Tuition, Subsistence allowance, and Stipend for textbooks.
  • Three Summer training cruises

    Apply at BY DEC31

    Minority Serving Institute (MSI)

  • Same National NROTC Scholarship benefits.
  • Attend Pima Community College for two years
  • Transfer to University of Arizona and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in the major of your choosing

    Apply at BY DEC31

    College Program

  • Provides uniforms and Naval Science textbooks.
  • 3 opportunities to apply for the national scholarship.
    • Fall of freshman year (DEC31). (4 year national scholarship) Apply at BY DEC31
    • Summer (MAY 31) after freshman year. (3 year national scholarship)
    • Summer (MAY 31) after sophomore year. (2 year national scholarship)
  • Opportunity to apply for advanced standing as well.
    • No tuition coverage.
    • Monthly stipend.
    • One summer cruise.

    FAQ On Scholarship

    What does my scholarship cover at The University of Arizona?
    Tuition, tuition related fees (ie lab fees), $375.00/semester for books, and a monthly stipend of $250.00 (increases by $50.00/month each academic year).

    Do I have to live in any specific dorm?
    No. However, you have the option to live in the ROTC themed wing of Cochise Hall.

    How many credits do I need to register for?
    Midshipmen: 12 Units minimum EXCLUDING Naval Science. Active Duty: 15 Units minimum INCLUDING Naval Science.

    I applied for a scholarship, but I was not selected. Can I still participate?
    Yes, you can apply for the college program by contacting the recruiting officer.

    Is orientation like boot camp?
    No. Orientation is not intended to be as rigorous as boot camp. It is aimed at preparing you for your time as a Midshipman, Officer Candidate, or MECEP.

    For More Information:

    Contact Information     Office: (520)626-5779

    LT Erick Barajas

    Admissions Officer

    University of Arizona    1204 E South Campus Dr.

    Naval ROTC           Tucson, AZ 85721

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