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Student Candidate Billets

These are the possible leadership billets a student can hold within the University of Arizona NROTC unit, with a short description and the current billet holders.

Battalion Commander (BNCO)

  • Guide, coordinate, and oversee the semesters scheduling vice semesters scheduling.
  • Ensure appropriate accountability and counseling procedures are in place.
  • Act as direct liaison between command staff and the student battalion.
  • Briefing the CO and Capt Munroe on a weekly basis regarding that weeks schedule.
  • Holding weekly meeting with the student staff.
  • Ultimately, you are responsible for everything that goes on within the battalion.

    Battalion Executive Officer (BNXO)

  • In charge of administrative work.
  • Is the filter between the BNCO and all staff.
  • Becomes acting BNCO in absence.
  • Oversees the OpsO, CMC, FinO, AthO, and BNCO.

    Battalion Sergeant Major (SGTMAJ)

  • Oversees unit uniform standards and overall unit morale.
  • In charge of discipline within the unit.

    Administration Officer (s-1:ADMINO)

  • Oversees Battalion staff.
  • Handles issues involving battalion manpower.
  • In charge of ACDO, A/ACADO, and TRAINO.

    Operations Officer (s-3:OPSO)

  • Work with S-3 staff members to carry out planning for all battalion evolutions.
  • Update and send out POW every week.
  • Carry out weekly inspections with CMC & XO.
  • Organize for picnics, joint parade, volunteer events, etc.
  • In charge of BALLO, A/BALLO, ATHO, and A/ATHO.

    Supply Officer (s-4:SUPO)

  • Going to costco weekly to stock the wardroom with drinks and snacks.
  • Acquiring food for and other supplies for ROTC BBQs.
  • Getting any other supplies needed by battalion staff.
  • In charge of SAFO, FINO, PARKO, and A/PARKO.

    Communications Officer (s-6:COMMO)

  • Works with s-6 staff to handle issues involving battalion communications (IE Emails or BN Newsletter).
  • Ensures the technology portion of lab runs smoothly.
  • In charge of A/DPO, PAO, and A/PAO

    Athletics Officer (ATHO)

  • Coordinate and implement all PT evolutions.
  • Responsible for executing inventory PRT and a final PRT and swim final PRT
  • Responsible for executing makeup inventory and final PRT.
  • Coordinate with AAtho concerning Physical Enhancement Program (FEP)
  • Monitor and invent fancy Platoon Competitions.

    Assistant Athletics Officer (AATHO)

  • Create a workout plan that caters to the needs of members that are assigned to FEP.
  • Synthesize a comprehensive excel worksheet outlining the semester's workout plan.
  • Attend and supervise workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0600-0700.
  • Coordinate with the Athletics Officer and assist in carrying out battalion workouts on Monday mornings as per his or her request.
  • Encourage and motivate FEP members by providing a good example of an acceptable level of fitness and giving words of encouragement and advice.
  • Submit weekly muster reports to Staff officers.

    Ball Officer (BALLO)

  • Tasked with planning the annual Marine and Navy Ball every fall semester. Finds the venue for ball, and manages the financial necessary for the event.

    Assistant Ball Officer (ABALLO)

  • Tasked with assisting the Ball Officer in planning and executing the event

    Public Affairs Officer (PAO)

  • Tasked with taking pictures of events such as physical training, inspectings, and events held by the unit and posting on our social media pages with descriptions to build support from the public.

    Assistant Public Affairs Officer(APAO)

  • Assists the PAO with the taking of pictures as well as posting on social media.

    Training Officer (TRAINO)

  • Trains billet holders necessary procedures such as FITREPS.

    Assistant Data Processing Officer (ADPO)

  • Manage the website and update it as necessary. [Req. understanding of PhP programming language or rudimentary programming skills.]
  • Manage the ListServ and ensure all complaints and problems are dealt with.
  • Monitor ListServ for spam traffic and errors in e-mails. [Req. access to e-mail at all times, preferably with a smart phone.]
  • Update the computers as necessary.
  • Deal with ongoing problems on the computers (staff and wardroom). [Req. a basic understanding of advanced computer techniques, shortcuts, and hardware knowledge.]
  • Deal with problems related to unit staff computers.
  • Design new ways to keep the battalion technologically up to date.
  • Ensure that all information gets out to all marching members.
  • Run the tech side of labs on Wednesdays and make sure everything is set up by the time the battalion comes in after muster.

    Academics Officer (ACADO)

  • Track and report study hours of students on SEP.
  • Inform battalion members of opportunities academically related.
  • Advise and council students on academics as needed.
  • All other tasks assigned by unit staff.

    Assistant Academics Officer (AACADO)

  • Performs the same duties as the ACADO, but for the students attending Pima Community College.

    Finance Officer (FINO)

  • In charge of the battalion's Budget.
  • Work with Unit and battalion staff on the use of the wardroom funds.
  • Work with the Supply Officer and keep track of the soda mess.

    Safety Officer (SAFO)

  • Manages the safety protocol of midshipmen in high risk situations and environment.
  • Teach midshipmen in the necessary knowledge in case of high risk scenario.

    Color Guard Officer

  • Teach a detail proper drill movements with rifles and flags.
  • Provide Color Guard for any unit ceremonies (Change of Command, Joint Parade, etc.)

    Company Commanding Officers (COCO)

    Company Executive Officers (COXO)

    Company 1st Sergeant (1stSgt)

    Company Guide (COG)

    Platoon Commanders (PCO)

    Platoon Sergeants (PSGT)

    Marine Platoon Commander/Platoon Sergeant