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Battalion Organization

UA NROTC is organized into a Battalion. The Battalion is then divided into two Companies (Alpha and Bravo). Each Company is designated by its company letter, and platoon number (e.g. A-1, A-3, etc.) Each platoon is further divided into three squads. Members of the Battalion are assigned to a new company, battalion, and squad each semester to ensure that they see as many leadership styles as possible.

This organization is based on the Marine Corps 'Rule of Threes' which allows for good division of labor and makes for a streamlined chain of command.

The Battalion chain of command is structured much like a traditional Navy/Marine Corps command. At the top is the Battalion Commander (BNCO). The BNCO has a Battalion Executive Officer (BNXO) who is responsible for overseeing the administrative aspects of the command. The BNCO also has a variety of company staff officers at his disposal, to assist in the smooth operation of the unit.

For each company, there is a Company Commanding officer (COCO) and a Company Executive Officer (BNXO). Under their command, there exists platoons where there is a Platoon Commander (PC), each of whom has a Platoon Sergeant (PS) who is responsible for the conduct of the platoon and conducting drill practice. Each squad within the platoon is assigned a Squad Leader (SL) who is the first link in a marching member's chain of command.

A graphical representation of the chain of command is displayed below.

Chain of Command