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Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for an NROTC scholarship.

Step 1--Preliminary application

Complete and mail the applicant questionnaire found in the back of the 2000 Navy and Marine Corps ROTC Scholarship Bulletin. This bulletin can be obtained by calling 1-800-USA-NAVY, visiting or by visiting a recruiter in your area.

Applicant questionnaires should be received no earlier than March 1 and no later than January 1.

Further instructions regarding filling out the applicant questionnaire are included in the bulletin.

After mailing your questionnaire, you should receive written notification of its receipt within three weeks.

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Step 2--College Board Score Release

Take the SAT or the ACT as early as possible and authorize the testing agency to release your scores to directly to the NROTC Scholarship Program (program code 0656).

No other means of providing scores to the program is acceptable. Scores forwarded directly from the applicant or the school will not be accepted.

Indicate program code 0656 on the test registration form or additional score release request and ensure that your social security number is accurate and matches that indicated on your applicant questionnaire.

If you are interested in attending the University of Arizona, you should also have your scores released to them (SAT code 4832; ACT code 0096).

If, after requesting release of your scores, you do not receive written notification of their receipt within six weeks by the Navy, contact the testing agency to verify that they were released AND reflected the correct Social Security number. The testing agency indicates that they were released promptly and properly, or they were released with an incorrect Social Security number, provide that information to your local recruiter to initiate corrective action.

Scores must be received no earlier than March 1, but should be received early enough to ensure timely processing of a completed board application.

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Step 3--College Application

Apply to the NROTC colleges or universities you are interested in attending. Acceptance to an NROTC college or university is the sole responsibility of the NROTC Scholarship Program applicant.

Because each NROTC Unit has a limited capacity for incoming freshmen, some students may be assigned to their second- or third-choice schools.

Nov. 1 is the latest date recommended for submitting applications to the college(s) of your choice.

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Step 4--'Board Eligible' Designation

Navy Recruiting Command will notify you in writing, indicating that you are 'board-eligible.' You should then contact the NROTC Program coordinator at the Navy or Marine Corps processing station designated in your notification letter and initiate processing of your complete application package for presentation to the scholarship selection board.

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Step 5--Scholarship Selection Board Application Processing

The NROTC Program coordinator at your designated processing station will provide you with the NROTC Application Forms Booklet and schedule an appointment for processing and an interview by an officer.

Additional requirements for Marine Corps-option applicants include passing physical fitness tests, providing a full-length photograph and interviewing with two Marine Corps officers.

Your application package must be completed at the local processing station no later than Jan. 25 in order to be received at the appropriate headquarters in Millington, TN, by the Jan. 31 deadline.

The applicant is responsible for completing the final application. Therefore, you must take prompt action to ensure the release of official school transcripts and references, and to verify their receipt by the processing station prior to the Jan. 25 completion date.

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Step 6--Scholarship Selection Board Consideration

Your formal application will be forwarded to a selection board for final consideration within four weeks of receipt by the Navy or Marine Corps NROTC manager.

Navy-option candidates can be considered by a selection board as early as August. Thereafter, Navy-option boards will meet periodically through March.

Marine Corps-option candidates can be considered by a selection board as early as November. Thereafter, Marine Corps-option boards will meet periodically through February. For more information on the Marine Corps option, contact or 1-800-MARINES.

All scholarship nominees will be notified in writing by April 30. Point of contact for more information on the selection board process and application status: Chief of Naval Education and Training or 1-800-NAV-ROTC

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Step 7--Physical Qualification, Travel, Enrollment

Depending on your application/selection status, you will be scheduled for a physical examination by a DODMERB facility between September and July.

During June and July, the Chief of Naval Education and Training, Pensacola, FL, will send travel authorization letters to all physically qualified, four-year scholarship nominees who have been accepted for fall term admission by NROTC colleges of universities. Four-year scholarship selectees will be reimbursed for travel expenses at government rates.

Upon commencement of the fall term, and after all physical qualification requirements have been met, scholarship selectees will be sworn in as midshipmen, U.S. Naval Reserve. A subsistence allowance of $250 per month for four-year selectees will start from that date.

NOTE: All above information has been adapted from the 2000 Navy and Marine Corps NROTC Scholarship Bulletin. It is in no way complete, and interested individuals should obtain a copy of the bulletin as previously mentioned.

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